• ▫ Large international team and foreign partners for smooth process management of all insurance issues
  • ▫ Services are provided by serving customers in Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania and other countries
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The international team of HBrokers consists of qualified employees:

  • ▫ Insurance brokers
  • ▫ Lawyers
  • ▫ Risk claims experts
  • ▫ Customer service specialists
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  • ▫ The company was created exclusively to meet the insurance needs of companies in the logistics and transport sectors
  • ▫ Cooperation with leading companies in the logistics sector
  • ▫ Excellent understanding of the processes in the logistics and transport sector and a guarantee of application of competencies and acquired experience
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  • ▫ Experience in claims management processes
  • ▫ Fast, smooth and timely claims administration - from the submission of a claim to the final result in receiving benefits
  • ▫ 24/7 helpline
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Insurance for coorporate clients

HBrokers is a licensed international insurance brokerage company supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, which advises on all types of insurance issues, serving clients in Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Romania.

Vehicle and cargo claim management

HBrokers lawyer and claim experts team represents clients’ interests in Lithuania and abroad. In 2020 we have managed over 5000 cargo claims and more than 3500 cases of vehicle traffic accidents across the Europe. Our goal is that in the case of losing cargo or traffic accident our clients will be effectively indemnified from the person responsible for the consequences or the insurance company that has insured his liability.

Specialized solutions for carriers and logistics

Hbrokers provides and specialized our partners TPVCA, CASCO, CMR, professional liability, surety service and other insurance offers for carriers, forwarding and warehousing companies

Cargo insurance

Regardless of the cargo to be transported (tobacco products from Russia or tiles from South Korea), HBrokers, working with local and international insurance companies, has the opportunity to provide cargo insurance offers and all claims management services that will guarantee full cargo protection all over the world

Claims expert services

HBrokers’ claims team prepares vehicle damage assessment reports and estimates, organizes and conducts cargo damage inspections and assessments across Europe, thus facilitating the claims management process.

Insurance offers for private clients

HBrokers cooperates with all private clients insurance partners in Lithuania, Poland as well as in other European countries through the HBrokers network, so we have the opportunity to offer the most acceptable insurance solutions for any private need – be it a car, house, apartment or life.

Risk management solutions

By managing risk, we provide prevention promotion and training services to client employees, prepare methodological material for employees, provide 24-hour event registration and consulting services in English and Russian languages. We consult on risk and loss reduction issues, thus ensuring that the level of insurance premiums as favorable as possible for customer.

HBrokers partners network

HBrokers has built a network of international partners, so we can take care of all the client’s insurance needs, all over Europe. Our partners can help you repair or transport your car to another country, take care of all your transportation needs by sea, air, water or rail. Help you buy ferry tickets or assist with road payment machines or fuel cards around the world.


“HBrokers” - is an international insurance broker company, established in 2020 in Lithuania, to centralize the need for insurance services in an international group of logistics companies, by using the competences via a dedicated company. It formed the main goal of becoming a leading insurance partner in the European Business and Logistics market. We aim to professionally provide complex insurance services, to recommend and offer optimal insurance solutions, that fulfill our client needs and expectations to the fullest, and ensures efficient and competent client service. In addition, HBrokers assists in managing insurance events, ensuring fluid and time-sensitive help with insurance claims. To help reach our goals we have assembled a professional team with expertise in legal, insurance, and risk management fields that are ready to react to our client needs, and their insurance in claim and risk management.